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August 29th 2006 marked the one year anniversary of the devastation in New Orleans caused by the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina. This Special Greg Palast Report brings you exclusive footage and the stories you won’t hear on the other networks — the hidden political agendas and the suppressed eyewitness reports.


Big Easy to Big Empty – The Untold Story of the Drowning of New Orleans
In this half-hour film, Greg Palast and his team travel to New Orleans to investigate what has happened since Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast last year. On his visit, he discovers that the population of New Orleans is miniscule, the reconstruction sparse, suicide rates are climbing, and many have not, nor know how to, return to the city that care forgot. He examines why residents had to leave, what really caused the flood and why they aren’t returning.


Bonus Features include:


Tomorrow’s New Orleans: Whose City Will it Be? A half-hour conversation with Amy Goodman and Greg Palast sit down to discuss who is accountable for the ongoing disastrous situation in New Orleans.

“If the mass media were doing the type of investigative reporting that you can see and hear in Greg Palast’s “Big Easy to Big Empty” the residents of New Orleans would be getting the help they need. Palast’s reporting reveals the utter disregard for the people of this city and the criminal lack of common sense or human decency in addressing the aftermath of Katrina. Please watch this DVD and share it with your friends, your family, your place of worship- with everyone!”

In the struggle for peace and justice,

Malik Rahim


3 responses to “Buy the DVD!

  1. Dear Greg,
    you know, for years I bave been reading your writings. Its unique and brave. You should start translating your videos and comments, you will find the people who do that for yo. There are millions of people who do not understand English in latin america an Europe. I know people who can translate in to english and spanish.

  2. It is sad in our country our media has become cheerleaders for the BUSH administration-they’ve replaced all the professional journalists with cheerleader types young ,perky, model types ( Katie Curic,ect,ect). george bush was a cheerleader in college. Now they are replacing government spokespersons with journalist cheerleaders ( Tony Snow, ect).
    It’s encouraging to see a true journalist (GREG PALAST) out there investaging what is going on in the world. Keep up the good work!!!!

  3. Hello:

    I’m in NY and heard your segment on Kiss FM Radio program for Sunday 9/2/07 with the Morning Guys. All I can say is that we have to legally go after everyone in authority. Someone has to be held responsible & criminal action (jail time & high fines) must be carried out. I was so saddened by the women who cam back to their (not touch by Katrina homes) to find them sealed with metal covers & had no where to go. Indeed, this is a ploy to get the baby-boomers & wealthy folks (probably not blacks-hispanics) into this prime real estate. Greg, keep up the great work & I will support by getting the word out & your web site to more in my own area.

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